June 22, 2006

As part of my addiction to Crime TV and America’s Most Wanted, here is one those creepy news stories I can’t stop reading: A former New York middle school teacher who killed and ate a teenager’s body parts has petitioned the court for his release from a secure mental ward.

Albert Fentress, who admitted to sexually assaulting, mutilating, murdering and eating 18-year-old Paul Masters, was found “not guilty” by reason of insanity at his trial in 1979. He has since been holed up in a prison ward in Orange County, 50 miles north of New York City.

Thankfully, two psychiatrists have already testified against Fentress, stating that while he doesn’t appear to suffer from a debilitating mental illness he does not fully grasp why he killed and cannibalized Masters.

(Dr. Khin) Myo said that Fentress cannot describe that abuse or the killing. “If he can’t remember it, or talk about it, he isn’t dealing with it,” Myo said.

The psychiatrist and Dr. Muthaiah Chandrasekahara, who both evaluated Fentress, contend he suffers from sexual sadism and pedophilia.

Gross! Fentress’ hearing will continue on July 6. Hopefully, the judge doesn’t push this pervert on the rest of us.