Your Marriage, or Your Children??

March 30, 2006

Which is more important to you, your marriage or your children? Should you have to choose? Can you choose? Now, I’m a divorced mother of two, but even though I am not married NOW, I was married once upon a time, and have very strong opinions on this matter.

James Wilson of Redford, Michigan calls himself “not only the CEO and director of the National Association of Desperate Husbands,” but “also a card-carrying member.” His plight? He’s a husband on strike. He has camped out on the roof of his house and won’t come down.

“Well, it is going to take for my wife to finally give in and remove the children from our bedroom, put them in their rightful places, in their own bedroom,” he said.

James Wilson and his wife, Valentina, have a 3-month-old daughter, Jayla, and a 2-year-old son, James III. Valentina Wilson says the children will remain sleeping in the marital bed for now.

“Wait until my daughter gets older and he can get the bedroom back to just us,” she said.

Wait until the children get older? Now, I think children in the marital bed is a recipe for disaster. Valentina may find that once the children get older, she won’t have a husband to share her bed with.

So, James Wilson is on strike and chronicling his woes on his website James said that he chose the roof to get his wife’s attention. C’mon Valentina! Throw James a bone…

What do you guys think? What would be the ideal compromise?