YEARLYKOS: The Childcare Information

April 13, 2006

Due to an underwhelming response to the need of childcare, we will be unable to set up daycare onsite.  This leaves us with a few options. What is available to us in Las Vegas is still pretty impressive.  Here are some links to resources that will help you determine your childcare needs.

These agencies offer in-room babysitting.  All nannies have undergone extensive background checks and are license, bonded and CPR certified according to the agencies.  Most of these agengies require a 4 hour minimum with rates varying wildly.  The rates generally do not include food.  The earliest most agencies will make arrangements is when you actually get into your hotel room, with at least a 4 – 6 hour advanced notice.  Some agencies, with your permission, will take the children on field trips and bring age appropriate entertainment.  

Oh yeah…YearlyKos is NOT endorsing these agencies, this is just a list of resources available.

Call to get specifics.

A Affordable Babysitting Agency:  (702) 638-2458
$35/hr for the first 4 hours

Around the Clock Child Care: (702) 365-1040
Sample rate for 2 children – $60/hr for the first 4 hours, $12/hr afterwards.  They have separate rates for families splitting childcare.

Buy-The-Hour Kids Camp: (702) 450-5080
$10 to register
$7.50/hr 2 year olds
$6.50/hr 3+
additional children $5/hr
Children 2 – 12
Thurs. 7:30am – 10pm
Fri. 7:30am – midnight
Sat. 10am – midnight

Dial-A-Granny: (702)  376-5229
2 child $130 first 4 hours $25
1 child $90 first 4 hours $20

Grandma Dotti’s Babysitting: (702) 456-1175 ~ Cash only
$40 for first the 4 hours $9/hr after, more than 3 children call for details.

Nannies USA
$35/hr with a 4 hour minimum

Nannies & Grannies: 702-364-4700
$65 for the first 4 hours for up to 2 children
After 4 hours the rate per hour is:
1 child – $12/hr
2 children – $13/hr
For combining families an extra $15 fee