Who Raised These Moms?

April 23, 2006

Fabooj’s comment under Amy’s “Caitlin Flanagan’s Plastic Bubble” piece about being snubbed by rich, snotty moms in Gymboree, reminded me of a recent letter writer in Berkeley Parents Network.

Apparently, this self-identified “unpopular” mom’s son is never invited to classmates’ birthday parties. She asked readers how to handle the situation. At least one other parent recommended being “proactive and start asking maybe one or two of the moms to do something with you outside of the group.”

But unpopular mom took this approach instead:

I decided not to take up the invitation issue with the teachers. It would just seem like I was a whiney mom and I don’t want to highlight the fact that my child was left out.

So, then I planned a small Easter egg hunt for some local friends and their kids at our home and went out on a lark and invited a bunch of kids (and parents) from my son’s class. No one from his class came however.

So, I have decided that I have to be above their ways and if that makes me uncool, then uncool I shall be! 🙂 Unpopular mom strikes again!

I find the way the other moms treated her appalling. Whenever we had birthday parties as kids, my parents — as poor as they were — invited all my classmates plus their parents. Either everyone was invited or there was no birthday party.

And I have great memories from these gatherings: My dad grilling burgers for hours on end, the streamers, empty beer bottles and soda cans strewn throughout our Miami yard while at least a dozen kids yelped and ran around into the wee hours. When my son starts school, I hope we aren’t made outcasts. How rude.