what i have been doing…

June 2, 2006

I have been somewhat MIA here recently, only able to sneak comments in every once in a while, and only on things I can immediately answer.

I have been super busy, working on creative projects. I did not realize how down I had been about my music and my dreams of that in the past six months or so. but now that I am on the other side of that, I am so thankful for having gone through that ebb.

In the last month I have completed two of three projects that I set for myself.

The first is pretty silly and a total longshot. One of my clients told me a little while back that Ellen DeGeneres needs a new deejay for her talkshow. I am totally not into talkshows, or Hollywood, but of all the people who are in that realm, I find Ellen to be hilarious and I completely admire her fearlessness. It turns out that she said it “has to be house music because that is what Mama likes.”

So, I had a filmmaker friend of mine shoot me playing at the park for Earth Day and then also saying a little something about why she should have me be her new deejay, since I play house music, etc. I also had my mom get on there and brag about me because I realized that my mom and I have much the same type of extremely close relationship as Ellen does with her mom. Plus, mom is my number one fan – no one brags on me better.

Then I recorded a short mix of some house music and also provided some other tracks I might would play on her show. In all likelihood, the stuff I play is not that accessible by her audience. It is very underground, not commercial in the least. But it was a fun project, mainly because the idea of getting the job and moving to LA and being on TV seems so random and preposterous to me. I was able to be lighthearted about it.

The second project I have been working on for a month. Each year Red Bull sponsors a Music Academy (http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/). It is not publicized other than word of mouth, with point people attending events, talking to musicians, passing out info. No billboards, etc. Basically, if you get in, they fly you to the location for two weeks, put you up, feed you, get you gigs doing whatever it is you do, and set up workshops every day with masters of the craft. (Think: the most sampled drummer ever, or the godfather of house music.) So you basically get to focus completely on your element of music for two weeks straight, even get into the studio with people who you would feel lucky to even just meet. This year RBMA is in Melbourne, AUS.

I have applied to this before, the year before I had my son. A bunch of us deejays lived together in a house, and all four of us applied. My roommate Barry actually got in and was sent to Sao Paolo for two weeks. They truly do choose people who have talent, and most importantly, passion. Creds do not matter here.

The questionaire is about 50 questions, from “what is your current top ten?” to “when was the last time you cried and why?” Now that I am done with it, I feel much like I have when I have been through intense therapy or anything similarly taxing, yet rewarding.

It truly is accomplishment to even finish the application and record a mix and get the whole package in the mail. And this I mean, when you do not even have any children. To say the least, my dishes have been undone more than normal, and my house is not the level of clean that I prefer, but I would rather, at the end of the day, know I got a creative project done than have an immaculate house.

I cannot tell you how rewarding all of this has been to me, just moving and shaking and being creative, regardless of specific results. I am fired up, re-inspired, on a big growth spurt as far as my deejaying sound is concerned, and feeling really positive.

Thanks for letting me share here. I figure if there is anywhere that people would benefit from hearing about this it is here, where I know all of you deal with the intensity of motherhood, and understand how much energy it takes on a daily basis. More than anything, I want my son to have a mother that continues having a life and living her dream, all while being a good parent.

My next project is a guest mix for a show on XMRadio, which I will be working on this coming week, in between movie shoots and playtime at the water park, hehehe. I will let you ladies know when that is finished and scheduled to play, in case any of you can check it out while driving your car around.

Doing the darn thing!