What'cha doooin' for the holiday?

June 30, 2006

Got a long weekend coming for the 4th? (US folks only I suppose…) What are you doing?
We’re going up to my partner’s mom’s lake place. We’re going to hang out and sleep! We’re leaving tonight and not coming back until after the fireworks on the 4th or maybe the morning of the 5th so my son can go to work on the 5th.

Fireworks in the little town we go to are great! It’s a really low budget show so there’s always something interesting happening. I haven’t been to a one where we didn’t get ash raining on us. Several houses near the park have ended up with fireworks on the roof. One year a box set fire on the ground (no one was hurt thankfully). It’s always an adventure.

Then thursday night we’re leaving to go camping. We come back from that on Sunday.


Happy 4th of July!