Weekend Open Thread

May 10, 2014

Yesterday my son’s preschool hosted a Mother’s Day brunch. Each class sang a song, and it was adorable. But I turned into a puddle when one class (not my son’s) came out with a huge placard that said, “I love my mom because…”

Each kid was holding a small sign with his or her answer. They ranged from, “…she plays with me” to “she gives me hugs.” The one that touched me the most was a little boy’s, which said, “…she makes my heart sparkle.”

Two of them made me laugh: “…she lives in my house” and “…she sleeps in.” Made me wonder what my kids’ answers would be.

DS’s class sang L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole, and I just about melted. This is the first year that DS seems to grasp the concept, and it’s sweet to watch him make a big deal over “Muh-ver’s Day.”



Happy Mother’s Day to you, my favorite mothers! Any special plans this weekend?

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