Weekend Open Thread

March 22, 2014

Guess what DD got in the mail? An invitation to sign up for a cotillion!

For those who don’t know, cotillion consists of teaching young boys and girls table manners, social graces, and even dancing. I didn’t even know this was still a thing until last winter, when some friends of ours signed their son up. I had only ever read about such a phenomenon in books, and figured it was a long gone tradition.

To say I didn’t grow up in an atmosphere where cotillion was common would be an understatement. Did any of you do cotillion? Did your kids? Does this sound fun to you or hopelessly old-fashioned and elitist? I actually think DD would love it because she is into stuff like that. And having table manners and social graces reinforced by an outside source isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

What do you think? WWMTD? What’s on your mind this weekend? Chat away!