Weekend Open Thread

September 7, 2013

Yesterday was one of THOSE days.

I woke up pissy and it just went downhill from there. Trying hard to lose a few pounds, but the scale not only did not budge… it crept up. My period is behaving strangely… present enough to be inconvenient, but not present enough to announce, “I’m here!” if that makes any sense.

My daughter’s soccer team jerseys weren’t ready on time, then turned out poorly when I made a second trip to pick them up. No time to fix because today is the season opener.

I came home to find DS’s left eye was goopy and pinkish. FRICK. But DD had her heart set on attending her school carnival (did I mention it was 100 degrees out?!) so we stopped by the carnival, played a few games, bought a snow cone and a cupcake and made a beeline to urgent care.

There we found out cheery, hungry DS was running a stealth fever. Doctor diagnosed a sinus infection, which he said had backed up into his tear duct and caused the eye infection. Prescribed gentamicin drops and amoxicillin. So we filled the scripts, came home, dosed him and put him to bed.

Fifteen minutes later… you guessed it. He barfed. Not sure if it was a reaction to the amoxicilin. We will try another dose today and see how he does. But damn. What a way to end the day.

Did I mention it’s REALLY hot out, which adds another layer of suckage to everything?

OK. I’m done whining. Whew! I feel better. Here’s to a new day!

Do you have any whining to do? How about some boasting? Share what’s on your mind today, and chat away!