Weekend Open Thread

May 25, 2013

It’s a holiday weekend, y’all!

Tonight DH and I have a movie date. We’re watching Before Midnight, which is the last part of a trilogy directed by Richard Linklater. Remember Before Sunrise, the ultimate Gen X romance movie? We saw that together as a young couple and loved it, because we were still in the throes of googly-eyed new love. This movie portrays them as a married couple all these years later, when the bloom is off the rose and they’re working to recapture that spark. We are looking forward to seeing it.

Certain movies and songs always bring me back to when we fell in love, like Still The One by Shania Twain (cheesy, I know). Then there is this pretty bad movie called Fools Rush In, which for us hit very close to home. I will still settle in and watch whenever I catch it on cable. Are there any movies or songs that remind you of the beginning of your relationship?

I am also gearing up to participate in a 24-hour Relay for Life next weekend, which will benefit the American Cancer Society. As it stands now, I will be walking 9 of those 24 hours. Yeeeah . . . Good times! If you have a few dollars to spare, or want to dedicate a luminaria in memory of a loved one, please support my effort. Every little bit helps. I feel passionately about this and want to do my part. Plus, DH has more donations than I do right now. WTF is that about?! This will not stand!  😉

What are your plans for this holiday weekend? Chat away!