Weekend Open Thread

February 16, 2013

It’s a holiday weekend, y’all!

DD’s school district gave them Friday and Monday off, so it’s a 4-day weekend for us. Dropped the kids off with my parents last night and went to see Django Unchained. It was like a modern spaghetti western. Funny and gory and thrilliing and uncomfortable, all at once. And I learned that I would watch Christoph Waltz read the phone book, he was so brilliant and magnetic. It was highly entertaining.

That leaves Lincoln on my pre-Oscar “Must See” list. Going to try my darndest to squeeze it in before next weekend.

ALSO: over on facebook, we have been discussing the possibility of a Mass MotherTalkers Meetup. M3, if you will. Front-running cities are Chicago and Las Vegas. I am stoked at the possibility! If you’re not part of the facebook group and want in on the ongoing discussion, have one of us add you. I am sure we will post more details here once some firm plans start to take shape.

What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!