Wednesday Morning Open Thread

July 23, 2014

What’s up?

National Geographic Magazine published an insightful and depressing article on hunger in the United States. It cited a cut in food stamp — aka “SNAP” benefits — and falling wages for food insecure households in the U.S. This is a must-read.

Now onto another epidemic in this country: stress. As someone who is always “on” — working, tending to the kids, working out (at the crack of dawn), cooking or doing other household chores — this medium article by a fellow progressive activist really spoke to me.

There was never a clear diagnosis. It’s possible I’ve been suffering from adrenal fatigue, and with the major diet adjustments (I don’t eat sugar, wheat, or dairy, to name a few), my condition has dramatically improved. A lot of what I’ve learned was through food journaling and trial and error. Being a half-baked scientist, I’ve found a a few tips that have helped restore me, and are backed up by science as well. Paying attention to these tips after stressful projects or after a conference can help aid in bouncing back from fatigue, and often even out mood as well. They’re my own ‘field notes’, so your mileage my vary. Always consult with your doctor or nutritionist, of course.

Instinctually, I too, like coconut milk in my coffee, eat a lot of banana and potatoes (potassium), drink a lot of water, and love anything with lavender in it. In fact, when I am most stressed, I drink a lavender chamomile tea before I go to bed.

What are your anti-stress go-to foods and remedies? What else is in the news? What’s up with you?