Update on Little Emily (good news!)

August 24, 2006

Our niece, Emily, is recovering from her heart surgery, and the doctor is happy with the outcome.  She’s all tuckered out, but she’s doing as well as can be expected at this point.  The surgery ended up being more extensive than they had originally planned, and they had to completely rework how her blood circulates.  She now has one ventricle, and she won’t be able to be as active as other children.  There are still at least two more surgeries to go – one when she’s 4 months old, and one when she’s three or four years old.  But for now, we’re all happy with how she’s doing.  They’re hoping to bring her home in six weeks.

Thank you all for your kind sentiments, thoughts, and prayers.  I have trouble talking about Emily with my family – that whole “I need to be strong for them” thing – and it was theraputic for me to talk about it here.  Thank you all.