April 6, 2006

As a (relatively) new mother, I get catalogs.

Lots of catalogs.

I’m not even sure how or why it happened, but if there’s a baby-related catalog out there, chances are it’s stuffing my mailbox even as I write this.

I rarely succumb to actually buying stuff, but I do love to peruse these periodic publications.

There’s cute clothes, delightful toys, nice furniture and overpriced strollers. You know, the usual. But once in a while, I am struck by certain products that seem so, well…useless. Or bizarre. Or even strangely hilarious.

This product manages to be all three:

Even the product’s name is giggle-inducing: the Kid Keeper.

My baby girl just started walking, so I don’t yet have any idea what it’s like to have to chase after an energetic toddler. But I would really like to think that I won’t have to resort to a harness to teach my kid to stay by my side when we’re in public. Or as my husband calls it, “a baby leash.”

Maybe in a year I’ll be eating my words as I strap my poor daughter into her Kid Keeper.

But for now I say, “Free the Toddlers!”

What do y’all think? Is a harness useful? Lazy? Mean? Or just funny? If I don’t strap my kid into a harness, does it mean I secretly think she’s ugly?

And are there any other baby/kid products whose purpose confounds you?