Tuesday Open Thread

August 18, 2014

Today’s the last day of summer vacation around these parts. We will head to the psychologist (DD’s insomnia is not yet resolved, though we have seen significant improvement) and then we will see a movie, just the two of us girls. Later we will get her new uniform ready, and decide on a first day of school hairstyle (I always give her a special ‘do on the first day).

Another first day tradition: a trip to Dairy Queen after school, so she can tell us all about it. It started during her kindergarten year, when I was still working full time and was a hot, crying mess for much of the day. I ended up leaving work early so I could be there to pick her up when the bell rang, and the after school ice cream tradition was born.

Do you have any first day traditions?

It always feels so bittersweet, sending her off for yet another new school year. How can she be a 4th grader already? It’s madness!

How are you feeling about the new school year? Anxious? Elated? Chat away!