Tuesday Open Thread

February 12, 2013

It’s Tuesday!

I survived Alex’s 3rd birthday party. We almost had no tables, chairs, jumper, churro machine and patio heater, as it was past noon and no delivery yet. I called and the rental company informed me they had CANCELED MY ORDER the night before because I never returned calls confirming my order. Clearly they were dialing a wrong number, but long story short ZOMG THEY DIDN’T DELIVER UNTIL 2 P.M. AND THE PARTY STARTED AT 3. Crisis (barely) averted.

Then . . . there was the cake. This bakery makes a cake with beautiful white chocolate curls all around the edges. I ordered custom fondant decorations from Etsy and planned to decorate the cake myself. So when I ordered the cake (in person), I asked for “Happy Birthday” to be written on a long piece of white chocolate, so I could move it around as necessary. The employee said, “OK, so you just want Happy Birthday written on the board?” Yes, I said.

So I go pick up the cake, already running late because of the tables and chairs snafu . . . and the cake literally says:

Happy Birthday

On the Board

I could not make that shit up if I tried.

I swear I could feel my face twitching. The girl looks at me and says, “Did anyone call you to double check this? ‘Cause it seemed kind of weird.”


“Can you fix it?!” I demanded. Sure, she said. In the interest of saving time, I asked her to just erase “On the Board.” I figured I could work with the “Happy Birthday” as is.

So I sit there stewing and steaming for a good 10 to 15 minutes, then they bring the cake back out and . . . it’s totally blank. No Happy Birthday, no anything. “I asked to keep the Happy Birthday!” I barked.

Five minutes later it comes back out with “Happy Birthday!” written off-center, crooked and with an exclamation point that I did not ask for.

At that point I just snatched up the cake and left. I went home and was ranting and raving to DH, who promptly burst out laughing. Yes, I admit in hindsight, the real life Cake Wreck was pretty funny. I just wish I’d had the presence of mind to snap a photo.

In any case, I salvaged it:

And he had a ridiculously good time. The party was worth every second of aggravation 😛

Have you experienced any similar disasters during a party/wedding/social event? Please share!

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