Tuesday Open Thread

December 11, 2012

It’s Tuesday! And I’m coming off a bit of a ride on the old emotional roller coaster.

Last Friday we found out that Maya has been chosen to play soccer at the club level. She had to try out and it’s kind of a big deal around here: big weekly time commitment, a 10-month season, some travel, etc. Kids who play at the club level are likely to go on to play at the high school and college level, or so we’re told. Her coach is a former professional soccer player, yada yada.
My immediate fear was that it will be too much, too soon: that she will end up burning out on soccer by the time she is 12 or whatever. But DH and I talked and agreed to let her decide, and if we end up realizing it’s too much, she can always quit. We told her the news and she was thrilled and honored and way excited to do it. All good.
On Saturday we went to see a professional production of The Nutcracker and when the music started and the dancers came out I got all weepy. Maya was in The Nutcracker last year for the first and only time. Hearing the music made me very nostalgic, especially because I realized that her ballet days are likely over. She did it for a few years and enjoyed it but eventually quit in favor of figure skating and soccer. She also quit folklorico dance this year, as we realized we couldn’t keep spreading her so thin. She is so curious and energetic and having her try everything she wanted was crazy, but very fun while it lasted. So my daughter won’t be a ballerina, and that’s OK. It was just another reminder that she is growing up so fast, honing in on her true interests, and maybe starting to chart her future. So proud of my big girl, but it’s still painful for me to let go of her little girlhood. Sigh.
How about you? Are you on a roller coaster lately, or a serene carousel? Something in between?
What’s on your mind? Let’s talk!