Tuesday Open Thread

October 2, 2012

Gotta train ’em early, amirite?!

It’s Tuesday!

And lately, I have been feeling like the Kardashians shall inherit the earth.

Case in point: this rattle I spotted while shopping for a baby gift the other day.

I am all for pink and frilly and yada yada, but seeing this sexist, pathetic excuse for a toy made me want to smack someone.

Cheer me up, ladies! Tell some tales that inspire hope. I’ll start: my 7-year-old daughter wrote a letter to President Obama last week, telling him she wants to be president someday and asking him how he got elected.

She also fished $8.32 out of her Little Mermaid jewelry box and insisted we send it as a contribution. Completely unbidden.

It’s the little things that do a mama’s heart good.

What are you ranting about today? Got any raves to share? Chat away!