Tuesday Open Thread

May 29, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Today I need some advice, and/or perspective. This may sound crazy, but I feel like DS just doesn’t like DD. The reason this seems crazy is because he is 2, and she is 7.

Honestly, he has seemed annoyed by her since shortly after his birth. He never minded being snuggled and cuddled by DH and me, but big sister getting too close was always cause for crying and whining. Today he is still super snuggly and loving – with EVERYONE except DD.

She is a naturally affectionate girl and happens to adore her baby brother. So she is always trying to give him unsolicited hugs and kisses. His response is always the same: whining, crying, pulling away, and the occasional swat or kick. If we are walking down the street, DS will happily take my hand or DH’s hand. But big sister trying to take his other hand? Nothing doing. He refuses.

To preserve the peace, DH and I have fallen into the habit of telling DD to “leave him alone.” It’s just easier than dealing with his fits and complaints. But yesterday while we were at Disneyland, he woke up from a snooze in the stroller in a foul mood. DD tried to give him a hug, which elicited the usual reaction from both DS and us, and DD got teary and said: “He NEVER wants me to hug him or kiss him! I think he doesn’t like me!”

That just about broke my heart. I reassured her that he was just cranky, but deep down I wondered if she was right.

DH says this is just normal sibling dynamics. I just worry because DS is universally friendly and affectionate. It only seems to be his sister that elicits these reactions. I don’t know how to make it better. They are 5 years apart, so I already had fears of some natural distance between them. I just didn’t expect active dislike by age 2.


And what else is on your mind today? Chat away.