Tuesday Open Thread

May 8, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

So Maya is working on her very first written report for school. The topic: ocean animals. The research and writing part is under control; it’s the “visual” element that has me nervous. Not only am I not very crafty, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable helping too much with that aspect even if I could. The kids can do anything: a diorama, a sculpture, a poster. I just have a feeling kids are going to show up with fantastically detailed and complex visual components.

Maya has decided she wants to do a painting. So I bought her some pastels and some paper and plan to put the finished product in a simple frame. And that’s it. She’s only in 1st grade so I know there’s no reason to stress. I guess I’m just not sure how heavy parental involvement should be, especially since this school is chock-full of high-achieving students from very affluent families. My school experience was nothing like this.

What has your experience been? What role if any do you play in your kids’ school projects? I haven’t been this stressed about a report since I was in college  😉

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!