Tuesday Open Thread

May 1, 2012

What’s up, ladies?

As for me, another day, another behavioral quirk with DD. She is biting her nails. This wouldn’t be a big deal but she is tearing up her cuticles in the process, leaving them ragged, sore and inflamed. Then she complains about the pain. This has been going on for several months; I have begged, threatened, rewarded, cajoled, but so far no improvement (well, she did stop biting her toe nails – yes, toe nails – so that counts as a victory).

Basically, any length at all tends to drive her crazy. And any jagged points prompt her to start chewing. I have offered to trim and/or file her nails every day, but inevitably she ends up messing up her cuticles, then trying to hide her hands when I ask why she is blowing on her fingers/putting a band-aid on. Then she proceeds to lie and tell me she hasn’t been biting her nails. It’s an ugly cycle.

Any tips? Do we need to do mandatory daily nail care? Will she outgrow this? Any advice is appreciated.

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