Tonight: Jon Stewart and the Oscars

March 5, 2006

Normally, I’d watch the Oscars anyway, but Jon Stewart is the cherry on top! Generally, Stewart is good at serving bitter political dish with sprinkled sugar so that even Republicans can swallow it. I hope he doesn’t hold back from taking digs.

As for the show’s content, People Magazine has a pretty good round-up of predictions as well as a list of the categories and nominees.

Brokeback Mountain — yes that gay cowboy movie — tops the list with 8 nominations. The Christian right is, of course, boycotting the Oscars. It’s a bit disappointing that the Christian grade school of Michelle Williams — who has a great chance of taking the “best supporting actress” trophy for her role in Brokeback Mountainhas chosen to snub her. These quotes from the People story, however, are sweet:

And not everyone from Santa Fe Christian holds (Headmaster) Hopson’s view. One school employee told (Michelle’s mother) Carla Williams, “You tell Michelle how much I love her.” Others, she said, had called to congratulate her and her daughter, who attended the school through ninth grade, when she left to pursue her role on Dawson’s Creek.

“I know her heart, her kind soul,” Carla Williams said. “Nothing she’s done as an actress has bothered me.”

Williams was awesome in “Brokeback”. I hope she wins.