Toilet Humor…..SO Not Funny

March 13, 2006

I don’t understand toilet humor. I don’t like movies, television shows or jokes that have to do with bodily functions. I find them crass, disgusting and SO not funny.

A while ago, I posted a story about a new stuffed animal set of Pee & Poo toys out of Sweden that sold like hot cakes. I just don’t understand it. Now, I came across another toilet humor candy/toy, called Chocka Ca-Ca. What is it, you ask? I’ll let the advertisement speak for itself:  

After the new arrival or as a precious shower gift, each PINK, BLUE or BABY SHOWER YELLOW ribbon states (undeniably): “THIS is as sweet as it’ll EVER get!” And inside, every diaper cradles an adorable surprise…a luscious chocolate TURDLE! Sorry, nasty odors not included.

…I just don’t understand.