Today, I am a Grown-Up

July 5, 2006

I will be 31 years old in exactly 12 days.

I am a married, gainfully employed, home-owning, tax-paying, charity-donating mother.

But before yesterday, I did not feel quite like a “grown-up” yet. Could it have something to do with my affection for reality TV, trashy magazines, and Cheetos puffs?

Maybe. But it also had to do with my bedroom.

My modest little home is pretty cute, if I do say so myself. The couches match, the color-scheme is earthy and vibrant, and my daughter’s nursery is like a low-rent page out of a Pottery Barn kids catalog. Chic for cheap. 🙂

Then there’s my bedroom.

The green metal bed frame bought for $100 seven years ago. The $30 K-Mart nightstands. The cheaply framed Monet prints. My husband’s hand-me-down dresser, complete with broken and missing knobs, and the side panel that came unglued a couple of years ago. Now the panel just stands there, leaning limply against the foot of that god-awful excuse for a piece of furniture.

Top it all off with the bed-in-a-bag set, and you’ve got quite the posh master retreat!

Well, no longer. Yesterday, my husband and I went out and bought…a bedroom set! An armoire, dresser and nightstand that are made from solid wood. As a bonus, we don’t even have to assemble it ourselves!

It took us almost 9 years of marriage to reach this point. We kept meaning to make our room something special, but something else always seemed to take precedence.

Once I got pregnant, all my focus went into our future child. We started a college savings account while she was in-utero and her nursery was fully stocked and ready to go when she came home from the hospital.

Lately, we had been browsing Target for some new furniture. But something in me snapped and I finally said, we waited this long to get bedroom furniture. Let’s do it right. Let’s not put ourselves last, for once.

My new bedroom set arrives in 12 weeks (they have to MAKE the furniture! Here I thought everything came in a flat box, ready to be assembled with an allen wrench). We couldn’t bring ourselves to buy the matching bed frame…yet. One step at a time, I guess…

When did YOU finally feel like a grown-up?