To Shave or Not to Shave

August 9, 2006

This is funny: Salon’s Cary Tennis — I love him. Moi! — has received at least 150 letters on his latest column. The hot topic? Whether or not a 40-year-old woman should shave her public — now “public” — hair.

Said Tennis:

So this time I’m just going to own up: I have no idea what women are shaving. I have not been having sex with women other than my wife for about 17 years. So I don’t know what their pussies look like. I don’t ask, either. I know many women — I mean, I have friends and all that — but I don’t ask them whether their pussies are shaved or not.

So the readers are going to have to help you out with this one. I have no doubt they will. Our readers are helpful and well-informed. They display an inordinate willingness to share their most intimate thoughts and feelings.

The responses have ranged from feminists decrying the “porn star look” to hairless women who say the sex is better. The bashing and raunchiness didn’t end with women either. Some women slammed men for shaving their bushes.

Said “bob’s your uncle:”

Men, please don’t shave if you love a BJ. It might look better to you, but I’m the one you want to swallow. Can’t stand the stubble.

Also, when I’m on top it’s all prickly (pun not intended) — which is fun for a second, but who wants rugburn crotch?

Maybe I’ve been married too long, but I am with Tennis: This is what the singles are debating? I am glad I am not out there. I used to shave as much as possible, but now I have no time. Sadly, I have become a European: hairy pubes, hairy pits, hairy legs. C’est la vie!