Thursday Open Thread

September 4, 2014

Yesterday we saw the pediatric psychologist who has helped us deal with DD’s anxiety and insomnia. Because DD’s sleep issues are 90 percent improved, we decided to wrap up this series of sessions, with an open invitation to come back any time DD wants to visit or chat with the doctor.

As someone who had never sought any sort of counseling before, I will admit that I was apprehensive and even a little reluctant to take DD to a psychologist. I was so determined to figure out the cause of her insomnia and fix it myself, and deep down maybe I was afraid it would mean admitting there was something “wrong” with my kid. And as the daughter of immigrants, I had extra baggage to unpack. Among Latinos, there’s a deep stigma connected to seeking mental health services, and I do believe I carried some of that over without even realizing it. Mental health just isn’t something that was talked about in my immediate and extended family.

In any case, I am so glad I took the leap and did right by my girl. Our sleepless summer is over, and we have learned some tools to hopefully keep it that way.

What are some fears that you have successfully conquered? Are you grappling with any fears right now?

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!