Thursday Open Thread

August 28, 2014

Been thinking about our next vacation plans. Heck, who am I kidding, I am ALWAYS planning our next vacation! We’re pondering Hawaii with the kids, or a weekend on the central coast of California to visit some historic missions (they’re part of the 4th grade social studies curriculum). I am even thinking about a weekend escape for DH’s birthday in December.

Know what I’m not considering? Taking my 9-year-old daughter to a firing range so she can shoot an Uzi for funsies.

A 9-year-old girl at a shooting range outside Las Vegas accidentally killedan instructor on Monday morning when she lost control of the Uzi he was showing her how to use.

A partial video of the incident — which does not show the instructor being shot — shows a slender young girl in a ponytail and pink shorts beside a man clad in camouflage pants, a black T-shirt and sunglasses. “Allriiight!” he says, congratulating her after she fires the gun in single-shot mode. “All right, full auto!” he says. Then comes a spray of bullets and a child’s scream before the video cuts off…

…Sprawling across more than 30 acres in the Mojave desert 26 miles from Vegas, Bullets and Burgers advertises itself as an “Outdoor Machine Gun Adventure” with a “Desert Storm atmosphere.” “Our guests have the opportunity to fire a wide range of fully automatic machine guns and specialty weapons,” the Web site says. “At our range, you can shoot FULL auto on our machine guns. … Let ‘em Rip!”

The shooting range’s Web site says the minimum age for the “ground adventure” is 8, and children ages 8 to 17 “must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian at all times.”

I know one of our MotherTalker mantras is not to be Sanctimommy and judge other parents’ choices. Breast vs. bottle? Whatever works. Public school vs. private school vs. homeschool? You do you. But I am judging these parents, and quite frankly all adults involved, BIG TIME for putting this innocent 9-year-old child in such a horrific situation.

Parents have recently been arrested for leaving their kid in a car while running a quick errand, or for letting their kids play at a park while they work. But these parents, who literally put an Uzi in their 9-year-old kid’s hands, will face zero consequences.

So there’s your mind f*ck for today. I got nothing, except white hot rage.

What’s boggling your mind today? You got any cheerful news or anecdotes to share?

Chat away!