Thursday Open Thread

July 31, 2014

Do you remember when you first grasped the concept of mortality?

I must have been about 6 or 7 years old when it hit me: someday, my parents would die. The realization was devastating, and I remember lying in bed, fighting back tears, and trying to chase away thoughts of a world without my parents in it. That is some deep, dark stuff for a child to grapple with!

So this viral video touched my heart. It features a 5-year-old girl crying her eyes out because she just realized that her baby brother won’t stay a baby — AND she’s going to die “when she’s a hundred.” And the baby? He just gurgles and smiles at her. OH, MY OVARIES.

I feel you, little girl. I SO feel you. That’s also kind of how I feel about my own kids growing up!

That said, if my child was bawling about her deepest fears, it wouldn’t occur to me to pick up a camera and record it. Not quite sure what the thought process was there!

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