Thursday Open Thread

July 23, 2014

How do you keep your kids’ minds engaged during their summer break?

I remember months of boredom as a kid. Yes, I played outside, but it got hot. There was a lot of TV watching. And after a while, I looked forward to going back to school, just so I would actually have something to do and someplace to go.

So I try to avoid boredom for my own kiddos, especially DD. She is hyper curious and engaged, so she has had various day camps. I also buy her the Scholastic Summer Express workbooks, in hopes of helping her retain what she learned. She also has a weekly piano lesson and the occasional play date.

There is also a fair amount of iPad time, and video game playing. Today DD asked, “Mami, can we watch Property Brothers tomorrow?” She is delightful.

What’s on tap for these waning days of summer? Chat away!