Thursday Open Thread

April 17, 2014

So this is the year I decided to make cascarones for Easter. Basically, I painstakingly cracked, washed, dried and stored six dozen eggshells, with the intention of filling them with confetti.

And then I saw them for sale at bloody Target. Yup, cascarones seem to have gone mainstream. UGH.

So this will likely be my first and last year making them myself. The kids are crazy with anticipation! Do you have any Easter traditions that your kids look forward to?

photo (32)

In other news: my poor DH had a bike accident yesterday. No broken bones, just some nasty road rash, but sobering just the same. He loves his hobby and it keeps him trim and fit, but I worry every time he leaves the house. He mostly rides on protected trails, but I suppose danger is always present, whether you’re riding a bike or driving down the street. Sigh.

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!