Thursday Open Thread

April 3, 2014

We got back from DC late last night, exhausted but happy. We packed so much into our trip and had an absolute blast. DD is at an age where she is curious and connected and really starting to grasp our country’s history and government. The questions she asked! (“What is the Berlin Wall? Why would someone assassinate a president?) My favorite moment was when she asked a docent at Mt. Vernon if George Washington treated his slaves well. (“Was he good to them, or was he mean?”) The docent seemed taken aback, to say the least.

DS was a trooper, walking everywhere because we forgot the umbrella stroller we usually bring on sightseeing trips, and generally going with the flow. He loved the architecture and enjoyed pointing out the Washington Monument from wherever we were. The museums were a big hit, especially Air and Space.

We saw several old friends and met their kids for the first time. Our children got along famously, which was so amazing. I see more frequent trips to DC in our future.

photo (31)

An old friend of mine is in the White House press corps and she got us in for a tour. I think that might have been the highlight, to see the reporters crammed into their tiny cubicles, stand at the podium, see the Marine standing guard outside the West Wing (that means the President is in residence) and walk past the network TV reporters getting ready to do their 6:30 standups outside. We also snuck down a stairwell that used to lead to a swimming pool (closed during the Nixon administration to make space for the press briefing room) and signed the wall with a Sharpie. Very clandestine and fun.

Overall I just felt very fortunate to be able to take a trip like this. Travel can be stressful but we got through the flights and the time change and the strange beds and the general exhaustion. The kids got along pretty well (not an easy feat) and tablets are a godsend on plane rides.

That’s it from my end! What’s up with you?