Thursday Open Thread

February 20, 2014

I’ve got spring cleaning on the brain.

I started yesterday by going through DS’s drawers and closet. I ended up with two small boxes and one big bag full of clothes that no longer fit him. Next on the list is DD’s closet (nightmare!), followed by my own. Then I think I have to whittle our books down (especially the kids’ collection) and then . . . ?

Should I go through all my cabinets? Go room to room, one by one? I have a serious fear of clutter. Those hoarding reality shows are equivalent to a horror movie for me. So far we have done OK; we have no basement, limited attic space, a two car garage and we can still park both cars in it. It’s quite common around here to see garages used strictly as storage spaces. Maybe because of the lack of basements in CA? Still, I feel like we’re drowning in stuff. Especially frickin’ toys, but I know they won’t be around forever.

What is your spring cleaning strategy, and do you have any useful tips to share?

And yes, I know it’s not spring yet. Humor me.  😉