Thursday Open Thread

April 18, 2013

Ugh, what a $hitty week this has been.

Between the bombs in Boston, the Senate’s defeat of the gun control legislation, and now this horrific explosion near Waco, Texas, my nerves are pretty shot. Things seem to be going from scary to scarier, and I’ve got nothing profound or reassuring to say. When my daughter asked about the Boston bombing after seeing news footage at the skate shop(!), I found myself spouting platitudes about how she was safe and we are safe and realizing that I was pretty much lying to her. The last two major acts of terror were committed at an elementary school and at a race finish line, two places that are intrinsic to our lives.

And I happen to agree with Sen. Claire McCaskill, who asked a damn good question: if the Boston bombings were immediately considered terrorism, then why wasn’t Sandy Hook?

Can I ask what you are telling your children in light of these recent events? I could use some guidance.

Use this thread to share good news, or a funny joke, or just to vent.

Here is something cool: it’s looking like more than a few MotherTalkers will be meeting up in Chicago during the last weekend in July. Details are being discussed over at the facebook group.

Chat away…