Thursday Open Thread

November 29, 2012

Happy Thursday!

Let’s talk holiday cards. Do they stress you out? Do they feel like an obligation instead of a fun annual tradition? It seems many people think so:

For blogger Sarah Chang, who has a toddler and another baby on the way, December already feels chaotic, without the added pressure of trying to accomplish one more thing.

“It’s all too much,” Chang says. “Making sure my address list is up to date, getting the right picture.” And although she loves receiving cards from other families, she says the anxiety of creating that perfect holiday tableau causes her to procrastinate, which means paying extra to rush the order. So Chang has decided to send out New Year’s cards instead of Christmas cards to buy herself a few extra weeks.

Then there’s the cost! All those cards and stamps and address labels can add up.

But what can I say: I love sending and receiving holiday cards. I don’t stress so much over the photo. Some years we do professional photo shoots wearing  festive colors; last year I had a cousin with a good camera and a knack for photography snap some photos of us in front of a mall Christmas tree. This year our cards will feature a family photo taken way back in April during a beach vacation, because it was a good picture and meh, the kids haven’t changed all that much, amirite? 🙄   And um, yes, if you look closely Alex does have a fat lip in the photo because he had slipped on the hotel room tile that morning. I’m not interested in perfection; it will be fun to look at that photo one day and remember his fat lip, and my crazy sunburn, and how we were rushing to capture the setting sun.

I think some of the best photos are outtakes. This was one was taken by a wonderful photographer to commemorate our first Christmas as a family of four. And even though Maya has her father in a headlock and her fly is down, Alex looks like he’s trying desperately to escape my clutches and I’m the only tool actually looking at the camera, I loved this photo. I put it on the inside of our card that year, as kind of a nice/naughty juxtaposition.

And here’s a great piece of advice from the article:

It’s absolutely free to post a great holiday picture on Facebook. If most of the people on your mailing list are your Facebook friends anyway, you’ve achieved the same goal. And in some ways, the standard of what constitutes the perfect picture might feel looser for parents when they’re posting on their Facebook timeline rather than sending something through the postal service.

Speaking of holiday cards: don’t forget about the 4th Annual Mothertalkers Holiday Card Exchange Extravaganza 2012! Which, um, basically consists of sending Marney (mefpdx) your address so we can send each other cards and squeee when we open our mailboxes  😆 See her diary down below for details.

What’s on your mind today? Chat away!