The Well Fitted Bra

August 14, 2006

Yesterday, I got a bra fitting at Nordstroms. I have to recommend this to all women, but particularly to mothers whose bodies have been through a lot of changes in recent years.
When I was pregnant, I quickly “busted out” of the DDD cup bras I’d been wearing. I wore lumpy, uncomfortable pregnancy and nursing bras with cup sizes past the ABC..Ds. What I learned, though, is that there are more cup sizes than one finds in the typical department store.

For 7 years or so since then,  I have been buying my bras over the Internet, to hold up the breasts than never shrank (but did droop more of course). I learned to get a nice tight band and plenty of cup so that I could place  all of my breast tissue in there, leaning forward. (These are the misunderstood basics that lead 85% of women to wear the wrong bra size. Hey, I heard it on Oprah–it must be true.)

In the last year, I lost a fair amount of weight, and I have almost all new clothes–but my new bra buying ventures had…gone bust. (Sorry, I can’t help myself with these bad puns.) So yesterday, I submitted myself to the gal with the measuring tape. Sure enough, I needed a much smaller band size–and a larger cup size to go with it. The good news is that Nordstroms now carries a much wider variety of cup sizes than when I looked a couple of years ago.

My best friend got a fitting last month, too. Her breasts hold down the other end of the cup size scale–or so she thought. She, too, had been wearing too small a cup size. She just couldn’t tell when the band wasn’t fitted correctly.

I can’t tell you how much better I feel in my new bra. (I know, I sound like a 60s TV commercial.) The back problems that women suffer, leading some to surgical breast reduction–I bet most could be eliminated with a well fitted bra. Of course, there’s more profit in making fewer cup sizes, and plenty of profit in pumping up and cutting down women’s breasts.