The Teacher's Lounge

April 4, 2006

Have you ever wondered what happens in a teacher’s lounge? You know that “forbidden room” that no student is allowed to enter? The forbidden teacher’s lounge has forever been an area of mocking and ridicule. In plenty of teen movies, the teachers lounge has been depicted as either a refuge where teachers go to decompress, where teachers are practically comatose, or a sort of sin room where you see teachers doing the unimaginable…sex, drugs, rock n’ roll!!

According to this article in the Washington Post, the The Teachers Lounge Goes Online, it seems that teachers are now blogging, sometimes in pseudonym for fear of reprimand from parents, administrators and students.

Some teachers are gossipy…talking about co-workers that reek. Some talk about leaving the profession feeling exhausted, disillusioned and underpaid and some like Andrew McNamar of Cascade High School blogged about how inappropriate it was for some girls to dress like call girls at the high school prom, only to find himself asked by the school to be careful about what he posts.

So, unfortunately there no longer is a mystery of what actually happens in the teachers lounge, now that teachers are blogging.

Personally, I still like to envision the room of sin, because the imagination can go into overdrive…