The Face Case

May 11, 2006

A new study reveals that women can intuit two things about a man from looking at his face: whether he has a lot of testosterone and whether he digs kids.

Researchers found women rated pictures of men whom they perceived as interested in children as most attractive as a long-term mate, while men with the most masculine-looking faces and highest levels of testosterone were rated as most attractive as short-term partners.

I’d bet that women can detect more than that. On a good day, when my antenna are finely tuned, I can pick up on humor, cruelty, kindness, intelligence, arrogance, untrustworthiness, and low self esteem in a stranger’s face.

I definitely picked a mate who demonstrated a strong affinity for children. Seeing him interact with kids made my cavewoman instincts surge, made me want to stick a flag on him and colonize him.

When I think of the women I know who have repeatedly gone for bad boys and broken men, I wonder: are their antennae malfunctioning, or do they override their intuition?