Sextuplet Hoax

April 12, 2006

What do you do when you’re drowning in debt? What do you do when you can’t make ends meet? Why not do what Sarah and Kris Everson did? The deceived people by claiming to be pregnant with six babies. They took pictures of Sarah’s huge, and now we know fake, pregnant belly, and put up a web site asking people for donations.  

The couple’s dramatic story had holes in it from the start — from their mysterious withholding of information for more than a month to the unanimous response of area hospitals that they hadn’t helped deliver the newborns.

On Tuesday, authorities said the mystery had been solved -the entire tale was deemed a hoax aimed at tapping the generosity of others to pay the couple’s mounting bills.

The Eversons told people that their babies were born on March 8th, but never provided pictures of the babies because according to them, they were in Intensive Care. They did however, provide pictures of themselves holding up six little onesies. How embarrassing!

The Everson were questioned on Tuesday evening and after about an hour, they revealed the story was a scam.

I mean, it’s hard to describe the birth of ONE child. I couldn’t begin to imagine being able to describe SIX, especially when IT NEVER HAPPENED!