Second time around birthing experiences

August 17, 2006

I am 29 weeks pregnant. I haven’t really thought much about the birth but as time ticks away it is popping in my head more often. My friends pregnant with their second babies are delivering. The babies all seem big – 9lbs – and, weirdly, all boys. All my friends down here had girls as their first babies. Talk about trends!
My labour with Molly in 2003 was really good. It was 7 hours and the TENS worked really well. Gas and air and a shot of pethidine got me to the pushing stage. My midwife was fantastic. She never got me to get on the bed for examining. She worked around me. And when it came to crowning I paid immense attention to her directions. I pushed out 8lbs 6 without a stitch needed. Something I value more now than I did at the time (particularly as I have read so many birth stories since I had her).

In fact it is these birth stories that worry me. I worry about the baby being really big. I worry about stitches (from my previous story about my daughter splitting her head open, it is obvious how bad my needle phobia is). I worry about splitting all sorts. I know, I know! Pregnancy hormones never make for rational thought processes.

I also keep dreaming that the baby gets stuck and there is something wrong with it. Sometimes these dreams even show the baby talking to me like my toddler and calling me by my name rather than mummy. All very weird and odd.

What were your second experiences like compared to your first babies? Were the babies heavier or lighter or the labours easier/harder or longer or shorter?