Saying a first hello

March 2, 2006

I too came over when Markos posted a link but have only lurked so far.

So time to introduce myself.

First off I’m Canadian.  I live in Toronto with my husband, 3 children and a dog.  
My husband is an artist.  I am too but also do other things as well including writing and running an online business.  You can see our main business here.  My husband is also working on his own beautiful works which I’ll write about later.  Someday when I have more time and mental space I will be able to paint more too.  
My children are a daughter 19 and two sons 16 and 15.  They are great kids but not without their own set of problems.  I surprised myself by turning out to be a pretty good mom.  I never grew up planning to be one, yet I hooked up with my husband at a relatively young age and had the 3 by the time I was 31.  

When my youngest was 3 I went back to university to get a Bachelor of Science, with plans to go into medicine.  That didn’t happen because I found out that I wasn’t superwoman, but it was vastly interesting to study things like genetics and molecular biology.

We also have a semi adopted son.  He came into our family when our kids invited him home and asked if we could keep him. He’s a very bright kid who won the Physics award in his final year at high school.  He also has a full scholarship to study it at the University of Waterloo. Unfortunately he is leaving us in the middle of the month.  He’s from the US and hasn’t been accepted for citizenship.  He can’t afford to pay the international student rates on top of his scholarship so he will have to leave and try again to get into the country.  I am terrified that he will end up in the military back in the US.

I post mainly on dKos and FDL.  I try to limit the blogs I visit because they could end up sucking up my whole day if I don’t watch it.  I look forward to being more involved with this community.  Mothers are powerful forces.