Saturday Open Thread

December 1, 2012

It’s the first day of December, y’all! Ours is shaping up to be a busy one.

DH and DD will head to the Home Depot Center to watch the L.A. Galaxy play for the MLS Cup. They attend a couple of games a year, just daddy and his girl, and have a great time. They are so excited to watch David Beckham play for one last championship with the Galaxy.

And… we are celebrating my father’s 60th birthday with a Big Ass Mexican Party ™. We expect at least 100 people and a lot of noise in the form of a trio, a tamborazo and mariachi band. My mama is cooking. It’s going to be epic.

Also on the first day of December, our Elf on the Shelf makes his return. I know many think it’s creepy and crass and commercial, but DD loves it. She left him a welcome back note and mentioned that he always appears in her room that first morning (which I had forgotten. Glad she reminded me!). What are your thoughts on the Elf?

We have been taking the kids on evening walks around the neighborhood to look at all the Christmas lights. I must say our neighborhood’s effort seems subpar this year. I wonder if it’s because Thanksgiving came so early? Maybe more lights will make an appearance this weekend. Here’s our abode. Can you tell we really, really love lights?  😀

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I mentioned in a previous thread that as a child, I would beg my parents to hang lights, but they never did. One year I even decorated my bedroom window, which faced the street. Now I have my own house to overdo it on! Woo-hoo! And the kids love it too.

What are you up to this weekend? Chat away!