Saturday Night Babysitting Club

March 11, 2006

Right now I have 7 kids in my house- 3, 4 year old boys and 4, 8 and almost 8 year old girls.  It is loud.  It is crazy.
Why would I do such a thing on a Saturday night you might be asking yourself?  Well the pay-off is pretty great:
The 3 other Saturdays of the month I get a date with my husband, w/out children.

We the 4 families involved in the club can’t understand why we did not start it earlier.  This is only our second month and it is more fabulous than any of us imagined.  The kids have a great time.  Every Saturday afternoon they can’t wait to go and see their friends.

It is just so great having a set time where we know we get to go out.  A few years ago I was so fed up with my husband that I went and saw a therapist.  (Why didn’t we go together?- oh that would be because my Mexican husband doesn’t “believe” in therapy- “why would I tell a complete stranger my problems?” but that is a whole other post in and of itself!)  Anyway the therapist told me that couples who contantly fight- especially with small kids- probably are not making enough space for their relationship.  There is not enough of a connection.  Seems so simple, but I think it is really true.  Going out just he and I and having a drink, laughing is really, really good for us and helps during the week.

Obviously, one would not have to find 4 other families to make it work.  A lot of you have younger kids, but I think how great it would have been when I only had a 2 year old daughter to get a date just one Saturdays a month. We had friends who also had a daughter the same age that we could have done it with. That would have been about 12 more dates a year than we had!
FYI- I know not all Latino men refuse to go to therapy.  My brother-in-law who lives in Mexico City went with my sister-in-law.