RAVE: My new baby carrier

February 21, 2006

I don’t know if I’m the only one with an infant here, but since Erika was talking about having another, I thought I’d put this out there.  

With my first born, I got an hand-me down Infantino 6 in 1 baby carrier that just blew.  It was torture putting out chunky baby in there and she quickly outgrew the weight limit by 5.5 months.  Not wanting to relive that, my husband and I threw ourselves into researching slings.  Not by actually trying them one, that would seem too much like right, but buy asking people what they thought of their slings and carriers.  

There are some women around who wear the Maya Wrap, but it’s a little too granola and not enough hip for the overly accessorized mama on the go of my neighborhood.  So when I go out in my Maya Wrap, I get a lot of weird looks.  I’ve had moms come up to me to ask if it’s safe, while I’m looking at 400 cords sprouting from their chests, practically strangling baby Jackson.  Dads don’t even want to think about wearing the Maya.  My husband, who was pissed at its $50 price tag, grumbled over the fact that it “was just a bunch of fabric with metal cirles”.  “Look honey, there’s a pocket!”, I cried.  It didn’t impress him, but doesn’t stop him from putting his wallet, phone and keys in it either.  

More baby sling goodness below…
In talking to him and watching him watch other dads carry their babies, I learned that what he needed/wanted was something “macho” (if you’ve ever met my husband, that’s a hoot), pocketed and easy for him to use (duct tape?).  We’ve already ruled out snuggly carriers such as the Baby Bjorn, Infantino or Snugli.  I liked the Hipster, but my boobs are too big to wear it and the waist is apparently for people who are the same size I was in 6th grade.  

As our baby grew from a 7lb preemie to the 16 lb. 3 mos old he is today, we got more discouraged and distressed about finding a carrier we can both wear and like.  We needed something we could put the kid in and put on by ourselves.  We needed something that would be great for long walks, but didn’t have a metal frame.  

Last Thursday, when I returned my rented breastpump, I walked around the store and found The ERGO Baby Carrier.  The store’s baby carrier professional showed me how to use it and I immediately fell in love.  So I bought it without having my husband seeing it or trying it on.  Since then, I have walked around the house with my son on me, sat here at the computer with him strapped in and typed with no problems.  

Today was the big day.  I was going to go outside.  It was not raining anymore and it was warm.  I took him on the short walk to the coffeehouse.  He loved it so much, liked being able to look around the world with a different viewpoint than his stroller/infant carrier combo.  When we got home and I took him out, he cried.  I thought it was because he wanted my warmth, so I tried picking him up.  Nope.  He wanted the carrier.  As soon as I got it out, he calmed down.  By the time I had him strapped in he was giggles and smiles again.  I think I have a winner.  Oh.  And the baby carrier is okay too.