Quirky Bugs

May 19, 2006

As Amy will concur, we have caught the strangest viruses this season. No flus or colds — the flu shot took care of that, at least, for me. But strange diseases like “Hand, Foot and Mouth” disease, in which Jude (Amy’s son) and I had high fevers, aches and pains so severe we couldn’t get comfortable in our beds and painful miniature-sized blisters in our mouths, throats, hands and feet. Nasty.

Now Ari, Jude and I have come down with this stomach bug, which started as a sharp pain in our tummies that left Jude crying and me writhing in pain in my bed. None of us were able to hold down so much as a drop of water. Yesterday, it appeared that Jude and Ari got better — I had a pounding headache but that simply could mean I took my Chinese final sick.

All of a sudden the bug reared its ugly head again. Jude started puking again last night. Ari hurled in our bed at about six this morning and complained of an “owie” in his panza (stomach). I still can’t eat a thing, but am washing the sheets on our bed the second time this week. Ech.

Amy who is cleaning her own puked-on sheets remains unscathed. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, girl!

But is this some kind of pandemic in Berkeley or simply a symptom of new motherhood? Have you, too, noticed some strange viruses floating around?