Our Virtual Vigil for musicteacherk

Welcome, friends.  You have entered sacred space.  Today we are joining our hearts together with our friend musicteacherk and supporting her from afar as she and her children say goodbye to their beloved husband and father.  The service is starting today at 10AM EST.  Since we can’t all be there in person, C, we just want you to know that you are never far from our thoughts, especially right now at this very moment.  Praying for strength and courage for you to get through this day.  You are dearly loved and treasured in this community.

My candle lit in A’s memory

Please leave your thoughts and prayers below.  If you visit a lovely place or light a candle or pray a rosary today during our vigil, please consider sharing a photo.  You can post it on the MT facebook page, PM it to me, or post it in a separate diary here.  This is our guest book.  I will be collecting our photos and messages as a keepsake for musicteacherk.