Opinions needed for school board issue.

I wanted to tell you about an incident that happened with my daughter Monday at school.  First I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my family.  I am a 34 year old mother of two, currently a SAHM.  My husband and I have been together for ten years and married for almost 8.  Our oldest daughter is 5, almost 6 and her name is Maggie.  She was borne on May 14, 2000 which was mothers day, just like this year.  Our youngest is Becca and she is 10 months old. She has the amazing ability to smile all the time and brighten your day. We all live in a twin in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

My story is below the fold.
On Monday I sent my daughter to school with a note for her teacher.  The note was a reminder that Maggie was to stay after school for the sports program.  After dropping her at the bus stop, Becca and I eat lunch and were almost finished when our annoying neighbors turned on their music.  Rather then fight with them about it, since they will be moving soon, I decided to take a long walk instead.  We left the house at 2:15 or so and returned at about 3:15.  Upon my return, I sat down to feed Becca and called my sister.  I was talking to my sister when there was a knock at the front door.  I thought it might have been the roofer who we were expecting to dropping off an estimate.  When I opened the door, my daughter was standing there crying and said “Mommy you forgot me at the bus stop”.  I told her I did not forget, she was not supposed to come home on the bus.  At that moment when I opened the door and she was standing there, my heart stopped.   I called my husband at work to let him know what happened, he was heading into a meeting and was suppose to leave from the meeting to get her from school.  He called the school and gave the principle an ear full.  

There are suppose to be 4 check points to stop this and all points failed.  The teacher let her go to the bus room, the teacher in charge of the bus room put her on the bus, the bus driver let her off the bus with out an adult present and the crossing guard let her leave the bus stop without an adult to walk her home.  My 5 year old walked 2 blocks home and crossed two streets by herself.  They are now making changes to the system to stop this from happening in the future.  

My husband and I are debating whether or not to write a letter to school board.  What do you think??