On Being a Kid in the Summer

July 31, 2006

Sure, the world is in a mess. And gas prices are through the roof. And, closer to my own field, the Gov’t is making poor decisions about our children and technology and our school system still feels that they can create teacher-proof programs, and MUST do so because by the board’s own admission 50% of the teachers are not trustworthy. It’s disturbing, all of it. And on many levels, especially where educational policy is concerned, I feel compelled to get out there and DO something. But not before Labor Day. This summer is too precious.
This afternoon, my kids woke up from their naps around 2:45. We had a snack of yogurt and gold fish, threw on our bathing suits and walked to the neighborhood pool where we jumped in over and over, had races and tried to stand on our heads under water. We walked home to find Dad ( the poor working guy ) on an important conference call, so we jumped on the bikes and let the wind dry us. After a dinner of ravioli and salad, we all (Dad too) headed outside for a game of T-ball before baths, stories and bed. This summer my children have reminded me of the innocence of being a kid in the summer – when your job is to kill time and have fun. Try it. Go outside, get dirty, sweat. Be silly! Skip down the hill you’ve just run up as fast as you can. Ride your bike with no hands like you are on a roller coaster. I guarantee you won’t be able to stop smiling! What about your children make you remember the joy of innocence?