Officially In The Club

July 28, 2006

Hi all,
I’ve so enjoyed my time here the past three months that I wanted to make sure to update you all on my crazy week.
Last Friday morning (July 21), I woke up with a bit of pain in my stomach, but I thought it was just pregnancy gas!  It was on and off, but I ate breakfast & went to work.  By 10:00, it seemed to hurt worse & come faster, but I was still thinking it was constipation.  I was only 28 weeks, 1 day.  But I made an appointment to see my doctor that afternoon and decided to take the rest of the day off.

I went home, where my husband was already starting his weekend, and started thinking this was hurting worse than it should.  I called the nurse at my clinic, but she said it didn’t sound like labor, so I should just wait for my appointment.  But by 11:30, I was in a lot of pain and just wanted to be checked out now.  So my husband drove me to the hospital.  By 12:30, I was fully dilated, contractions two minutes apart (they’d been five minutes apart at work before I drove myself home!), the baby was breech, and my placenta was separating.  So I was getting that c-section afterall!

Our son Gus was born at 2:15, almost 12 weeks early, weighing 3.3 and almost 16 inches long.  He was breathing on his own and crying, so I got to see him before he was taken off to NICU with my husband.  I’m happy to say he’s doing wonderful for being so early.  His breathing continues to improve, he eats more & more every day, and we are able to hold him for at least an hour every day.

I’ve received more miracles in the last week than I ever thought possible, starting with my family.  They may never read this, but I want to give a shout-out to my parents, especially my mom.  As some of you know, she was diagnosed with breast cancer three weeks ago, and had a successful removal surgery two weeks ago (they suspect the cancer may have a link to hormone replacement therapy she was on a few years ago, but that’s another story).  She took the early birth harder than the news of her cancer!

We gave my husband a lot of grief because he hates anything medical…even had to leave the room a few times at my regular appointments because the sight & smell of medical stuff made him queasy.  He slept four nights in the NICU with our son and watched him get poked, prodded, and pinched to no end, but was still there every step of the way while I recovered.  So kiss your parents, kids, and partners.  We are feeling very blessed right now and I’m having MT withdrawal, so I hope to be back on as we wait out the weeks that Gus will have to stay here to grow stronger.  Everyone have a miraculous day!