Nipple Confusion

June 30, 2006

You gotta fight for your right to nurse next to a rack of hot pink beaded thongs!

This Saturday, July 1 at 1PM, a Nurse-In is to take place at Victoria’s Secret stores nationwide. The milkfest is being staged to protest incidents that occurred at various Victoria’s Secret stores, during which unenlightened sales gals prevented mothers from nursing in the dressing rooms.

This cracked me up:

When (the nursing mom) called to complain to the store manager, she was told that the employee probably asked her to nurse in the restroom because the sight of her breasts might offend a customer.

Apparently, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have an anti-nursing policy, but they haven’t done a very good job at conveying that fact to their sales staff. For recompense, I’d like to see them film a new version of those VS “Angels” ads where the last wing-clad babe sashays up to the camera, unsnaps a lacy black nursing bra and lactates right into the camera. Fade to white!

FYI, 38 states have laws regarding breast-feeding. Of those, 31 allow mothers to breast-feed in any public or private location, including your favorite lingerie outlet.