My Intro

May 22, 2006

Ok, I guess it’s about that time.

Time to write my introductory Diary. 🙂

I go by jakyra here and on DailyKos (where I heard about this site) I live in Twin Cities, MN.
My son is 15 and he lives in OK with his dad who moved there in ’98. My son just flew up this weekend to spend 8 weeks with us. It’s always a whirlwind when he comes up because we try to cram in so much stuff, but I look forward to this time every year.

Today he is hitting the pavement looking for his first (real) job. We’ve been talking about how to figure out who to ask to be a reference (will they comment favorably on you and do you think they are the kind of person who would reflect favorably on you?) how to ask people to be (good!) references,  how to approach potential employers (what to say, what to wear, what kind of impression you want to leave and what you can do to make that impression), what kinds of places you want to work (anywhere that’ll take him! :)) and what to do if they say that they don’t hire until age x.

My partner (he goes by nullspace on Kos) and I love to go camping hike-in style (carry everything in on your back for a few miles), rock climbing, and biking (although we don’t do as much as we would like).

We plant a vegitable garden every year. This year it’s tomatoes (Cherry Roma,  San Marazano, Black Plum, Paul Robeson, and Brandywine Pink) bell peppers (purple, red, orange, and yellow), banana peppers and some other really mild pepper that I’ve forgotten the name of, melons – I’m thinking of emerald gem because they sound nummy and they’re quick growing, and butternut squash. If it’s not too late I’ll plant spinach and carrots to see how that goes.

We’re really into local economy stuff. We shop as much as we can at locally owned stores; we buy from the farmers market whenever we can; we buy locally produced products when reasonable. Milk from our co-op from the local dairy is now *lower than the rbh-free stuff at the store. Wooo!

I’m sure theres more to say, but this is a good start I think.